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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we live and learn, and we’ve responded with a quick shift to remote learning and virtual student supports.

Student services, supports and social efforts will be there for you too with the same energy just a different delivery! We understand this isn’t the way many of you imagined your back-to-school experience would roll out, but even though you won’t be on campus we’ve got your back.

Being at home during this uncertain time can be difficult, here are some ideas and tips to help manage an important area of health & wellness – your Physical Health.

What is Physical Health and why is it important?

Physical health is the condition of your body, taking into consideration everything from the absence of disease to your fitness level. Key areas of physical health include physical activity, nutrition and diet, medical self-care, rest and sleep.


If you are regularly physically active, you may manage your weight better, have lower blood pressure, have stronger bones and joints, and overall simply feel better!


A healthy body can also lead to a healthier state of mind. Exercise may block negative thoughts or distract you from daily worries, exercising with others adhering to physical distancing guidelines provides an opportunity for increased social contact, and increased fitness may lift your mood and improve your sleep patterns.


Huskies Tips

  • Stay Active – We have posted several fitness challenges on our @gbcrecreation Instagram account as well as at-home workouts with the help of Huskies’ Athletic Therapists Shawn and Clare. Here are a few to get you started, visit us on Instagram for more!

  • Stay Hydrated – Did you know that water makes up 60% of the body? So, it's important to get adequate hydration, self-isolation or not! Drinking water helps lubricate joints, hydrates skin and regulates your body temperature.


  • Do a Fitness Class – Our certified fitness instructors have recorded online fitness classes that you can do anytime in your living room! There are three types of classes you can do:

  • Try Free AppsHeadspace for meditation, Nike Training Club for workouts and fitness plans, and Down Dog for yoga. There are many out there, so take a look and give one a try!


Health Isn’t Just Physical!

Being healthy isn’t about just your physical health. Your mental, nutritional and social health are all equally important. Check out the George Brown Staying Healthy at Home main page for more tips and college resources on how to navigate in your new remote learning environment. 

To stay informed and up to date on everything George Brown College is doing to support current and prospective students during COVID-19, visit the College's COVID-19 Information Page