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Six minutes in the second half saw victory snatched away from George Brown's women's soccer team, as they fell 3-1 on the road to the UTM Eagles.

Wednesday's regular season finale started out in impressive fashion for the Huskies. Despite the absence of back four mainstay Nicole McKenzie, George Brown's defenders exuded calm and patience. Utilizing keeper Kelsey-Jane Lamprecht to full effect, the visitors moved the ball and built the play with purpose, rather than ceding possession to UTM.

As a result, George Brown largely controlled the first half, and were rewarded early on with a goal from midfielder/defender Hannah Whyte-Fagundes at the 7th minute. While the Eagles certainly had their chances, the aforementioned Lamprecht in combination with centre-backs Natalie Mangos and Effie Takas did well to stymie UTM's counters, allowing the Huskies to take their 1-0 margin into halftime.

George Brown's lead was undone by set plays in the second half, as UTM players Kayla Rice and Kristina De Andrade managed to evade coverage on a corner kick and free kick, respectively. Those Eagles goals at the 51st and 52nd minute were soon followed by a third at the 57th.

Though the Huskies turned up the pressure down the stretch, UTM bent but refused to break, holding onto its 3-1 lead until the final whistle. With the loss, George Brown's record matches UTM's at 1-9, the teams having split their season series.

It's a finish that neither coaches nor players are happy with, but as The Doors sang 50 years ago, there's no time to wallow in the mire. The 2018 indoor soccer season is a blink of the eye away, and with the outdoor season wrapped up, Huskies head coach John Williams made clear that he's looking for a recommitment to success.

The task in-between now and indoor is to cement a culture of dedication to practice and improvement, aggressiveness on the field, and turning words into action. Key to fostering that will be simultaneously working on team chemistry.

"We only know each other for a few months on the field," said Huskies forward Kayla Rinaldis Marziliano. "That's a big issue that we need to work on, and hopefully we'll build some more friendships and bonds off the field in order to have more chemistry on the field."

Lamprecht echoed Marziliano's sentiment, while making a point of saying that the team needs to double down on knowing each other as players as well as people. All things considered, the second-year Husky expressed confidence that George Brown has what it takes to succeed come indoor. 

"It's frustrating that we can't execute, which is where I think the chemistry comes in," said Lamprecht. "As individuals, we're all great players, but as a team obviously we're not up to par, even with our own expectations and standards... There's no question in my head that we're good enough, we just have to dig deep and find that fire. 

"As soon as one person doesn't have that fire, it's contagious, and it's the same for when someone does have that fire, it's contagious," she continued. "Everybody has to keep their heads up and stay positive and keep wanting. We have to want to win."